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Importance of hiring licensed electricians : Cooper Electric Service, NRH and Dallas Texas

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Importance of hiring licensed electricians

by CES on 08/31/18

Lights, plugs, circuits and switches are just a few things we take for granted each day when dealing with electric. What happens when these stop working? Finding an electrician isn’t hard and most are just down the street. Cooper Electric Service has a few things for you to keep in mind while trying to source out your electrical work.


The value of a licensed electrician goes way beyond just being registered with the state. Licensed electricians are trained professionals who are familiar with building and electrical codes. Did you know that electrical codes are updated every three years?  Licensed electricians know this and are required to complete 4 hours of continuing education every year before they can renew their license. Most electrical contractors will educate their workers on any and all revisions to the code and require their workers to know these changes before working on any job site.


Licensed electricians offer a level of efficiency and professionalism to complete even the most complex projects faster while keeping you and your family safe.  This can also ultimately save you money and heartache in the long run by completing your job correctly the first time. Did you know most electrical contractors will offer homeowners and business owners a limited warranty on work completed?  This not only gives a level of relief knowing its being fixed, but also offers you a level of security knowing if the work completed stops working shortly after the work was completed, your electrician will return to fix the issue; barring the issue is covered under their warranty.


Is your electrician or electrical contractor licensed?

All electricians are required to carry their electrical license on them when completing any and all jobs. You can also visit the TDLR website, to search for them by their name or by the company they are working for.

Electrical Contractors, in addition to searching the company on the TDLR website, must have their TDLR listed on the front fender of the company truck. TDLR regulation also requires any and all paperwork correspondence such as invoices, proposals and contracts to have the TDLR listed.

The next time you need an electrician, contact Cooper Electric Service. We can offer you professional licensed electricians to help you with all your electrical needs. 


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