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Holiday lighting tips, Part Two: : Cooper Electric Service, NRH and Dallas Texas

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Holiday lighting tips, Part Two:

by CES on 10/26/18

In part one we discussed extension cords and the number of strings you can safely connect. Now lets discuss different options for Lighting and timers.

LED holiday lights – Are LED lights worth it? When discussing LEDs and Incandescent lights we must go back to basics.

Ø  LED lights are light-emitting diodes that glow when voltage is applied.

Ø  Incandescent lights produce light by heating a filament wire to high temperatures until it glows.

LED lights are more efficient and longer-lasting than incandescent lights. In addition to being durable, they won’t get hot to the touch making them a lot safer around your family. LEDs won’t burn out like incandescent lights they only get dimmer over time. They also come in a wide variety of styles, colors and sizes. And since LEDs are plastic, storing them is much easier than incandescent lights.  The only down fall to LED lights is the initial cost when purchasing them. However if you factor in the lower energy bills and the fact you eliminated the need for replacement bulbs, LEDs pay for themselves after one season.

Timers for holiday lighting – Let’s face it, decorating the house is hard work and trying to rush home from work to plug the lights in is a pain. There is a solution for this. Timers offer an inexpensive reliable way to show off your hard work with little-to-no thought. Lets discuss the differences between the two types of timers you can use. 

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