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Holiday lighting tips, Part One: : Cooper Electric Service, NRH and Dallas Texas

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Holiday lighting tips, Part One:

by CES on 09/27/18

Many of us are prepping our Halloween decorations and getting them ready to set up outside, while others are already planning the grand Christmas display. No matter what you are decorating for, here are a few tips to keep in mind to safe guard your home while setting up your decorations.

  •  Extension cords – not all extension cords are safe for outdoor use, make sure you check the UL listing on your extension cords. If you are using an outdoor approved extension cord, keep them elevated off the ground to keep them out of the water. Take note, extension cords have power limits check the power requirements (amperage) for your lights and match your extension cords amperage rating accordingly.

 Not a fan of extension cords?  Contact Cooper Electric Service to install plugs under the eaves of your house to help eliminate the unsightly cords from hanging down the side of your house. Need plugs in the yard next to your tree? We can install those too!

  •  Number of strings you can safely connect – there is a limit to the number of strings you can safely connect. A good rule of thumb is to not connect more than 3 strands of lights together. The most common holiday lighting is not wired to pull a lot of wattage needed to light more than 3 strands. This is due to the size of wire the manufacture uses for those specific lights. Also, most holiday lighting will have fuses built into the plug to prevent high amperage, thus offering one more protection against a fire hazard. If you are not sure how many watts your strands of lights require, check the UL sticker.

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