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Be prepared for bad weather

by CES on 07/26/18

Are you prepared for bad weather? Power outages for any length of time can be frustrating and troublesome. But a power outage for over 4 hours can start to get costly. Here are a few steps to help minimize your loss.

 * Be prepared beforehand by assembling an emergency kit. A few items to include, but not limited to,  are:

               • Flash light • Clock Radio • Fresh batteries • First aid kit

* Keep refrigerator and freezers closed as much as possible. Unopened refrigerators will keep food cold for about 4 hours. Freezers will keep temperatures between 24-48 hours if not opened. Also note: Use perishable food first from refrigerator then move to using frozen food.

* Be sure to unplug all unnecessary electrical equipment. This could help save sensitive electronics. This includes appliances, TV’s and computers.

* Turn on one light so you will know when the power is back on.

One way to help combat power outages is to install a standby generator. Generators are an easy affordably and reliable supply of backup power for residential homes. Contact Cooper Electric Service to have one installed in your home. 

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