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  • Commercial and Residential Applications
  • 25 year life expectancy
  • Surge supression up to 2000 Joules
  • Up to 480 Volt AC Application
  • Up to 400 amps
  • 50/60 Hertz

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Cooper Electric Service, NRH and Dallas Texas

Happy Veterans Day!

by CES on 11/12/18

Honoring the sacrifices many have made for our country 
in the name of freedom.

Holiday lighting tips, Part Two:

by CES on 10/26/18

In part one we discussed extension cords and the number of strings you can safely connect. Now lets discuss different options for Lighting and timers.

LED holiday lights – Are LED lights worth it? When discussing LEDs and Incandescent lights we must go back to basics.

Ø  LED lights are light-emitting diodes that glow when voltage is applied.

Ø  Incandescent lights produce light by heating a filament wire to high temperatures until it glows.

LED lights are more efficient and longer-lasting than incandescent lights. In addition to being durable, they won’t get hot to the touch making them a lot safer around your family. LEDs won’t burn out like incandescent lights they only get dimmer over time. They also come in a wide variety of styles, colors and sizes. And since LEDs are plastic, storing them is much easier than incandescent lights.  The only down fall to LED lights is the initial cost when purchasing them. However if you factor in the lower energy bills and the fact you eliminated the need for replacement bulbs, LEDs pay for themselves after one season.

Timers for holiday lighting – Let’s face it, decorating the house is hard work and trying to rush home from work to plug the lights in is a pain. There is a solution for this. Timers offer an inexpensive reliable way to show off your hard work with little-to-no thought. Lets discuss the differences between the two types of timers you can use. 

Holiday lighting tips, Part One:

by CES on 09/27/18

Many of us are prepping our Halloween decorations and getting them ready to set up outside, while others are already planning the grand Christmas display. No matter what you are decorating for, here are a few tips to keep in mind to safe guard your home while setting up your decorations.

  •  Extension cords – not all extension cords are safe for outdoor use, make sure you check the UL listing on your extension cords. If you are using an outdoor approved extension cord, keep them elevated off the ground to keep them out of the water. Take note, extension cords have power limits check the power requirements (amperage) for your lights and match your extension cords amperage rating accordingly.

 Not a fan of extension cords?  Contact Cooper Electric Service to install plugs under the eaves of your house to help eliminate the unsightly cords from hanging down the side of your house. Need plugs in the yard next to your tree? We can install those too!

  •  Number of strings you can safely connect – there is a limit to the number of strings you can safely connect. A good rule of thumb is to not connect more than 3 strands of lights together. The most common holiday lighting is not wired to pull a lot of wattage needed to light more than 3 strands. This is due to the size of wire the manufacture uses for those specific lights. Also, most holiday lighting will have fuses built into the plug to prevent high amperage, thus offering one more protection against a fire hazard. If you are not sure how many watts your strands of lights require, check the UL sticker.

Importance of hiring licensed electricians

by CES on 08/31/18

Lights, plugs, circuits and switches are just a few things we take for granted each day when dealing with electric. What happens when these stop working? Finding an electrician isn’t hard and most are just down the street. Cooper Electric Service has a few things for you to keep in mind while trying to source out your electrical work.


The value of a licensed electrician goes way beyond just being registered with the state. Licensed electricians are trained professionals who are familiar with building and electrical codes. Did you know that electrical codes are updated every three years?  Licensed electricians know this and are required to complete 4 hours of continuing education every year before they can renew their license. Most electrical contractors will educate their workers on any and all revisions to the code and require their workers to know these changes before working on any job site.


Licensed electricians offer a level of efficiency and professionalism to complete even the most complex projects faster while keeping you and your family safe.  This can also ultimately save you money and heartache in the long run by completing your job correctly the first time. Did you know most electrical contractors will offer homeowners and business owners a limited warranty on work completed?  This not only gives a level of relief knowing its being fixed, but also offers you a level of security knowing if the work completed stops working shortly after the work was completed, your electrician will return to fix the issue; barring the issue is covered under their warranty.


Is your electrician or electrical contractor licensed?

All electricians are required to carry their electrical license on them when completing any and all jobs. You can also visit the TDLR website, to search for them by their name or by the company they are working for.

Electrical Contractors, in addition to searching the company on the TDLR website, must have their TDLR listed on the front fender of the company truck. TDLR regulation also requires any and all paperwork correspondence such as invoices, proposals and contracts to have the TDLR listed.

The next time you need an electrician, contact Cooper Electric Service. We can offer you professional licensed electricians to help you with all your electrical needs. 


Be prepared for bad weather

by CES on 07/26/18

Are you prepared for bad weather? Power outages for any length of time can be frustrating and troublesome. But a power outage for over 4 hours can start to get costly. Here are a few steps to help minimize your loss.

 * Be prepared beforehand by assembling an emergency kit. A few items to include, but not limited to,  are:

               • Flash light • Clock Radio • Fresh batteries • First aid kit

* Keep refrigerator and freezers closed as much as possible. Unopened refrigerators will keep food cold for about 4 hours. Freezers will keep temperatures between 24-48 hours if not opened. Also note: Use perishable food first from refrigerator then move to using frozen food.

* Be sure to unplug all unnecessary electrical equipment. This could help save sensitive electronics. This includes appliances, TV’s and computers.

* Turn on one light so you will know when the power is back on.

One way to help combat power outages is to install a standby generator. Generators are an easy affordably and reliable supply of backup power for residential homes. Contact Cooper Electric Service to have one installed in your home. 

Happy 4th of July!

by CES on 07/03/18

This week dont forget to take time to remember those who worked hard to ensure a better future for us. Happy Independence Day

Save with LED outdoor lighting

by CES on 06/28/18


Homeowners and business’ rely heavily on outdoor lighting. We use it to brighten our streets, illuminate paths and protect us at night. But you shouldn’t have to sign over a deed to afford your electric bill at the end of the month. LED lights not only consume a fraction of the electricity of an outdoor light, they are just as bright if not brighter!

 A few more benefits include:


  • Longer life – depending on usage, these lights can last up to 50,000 hours!
  • Durability – LED’s are manufactured with durable materials. Meaning they will handle harsh weather conditions better than traditional outdoor lighting.
  • Energy savings – LEDs offer more lumens per watt, producing a brighter light while using less energy.



For more information regarding outdoor lighting contact Cooper Electric Service today.


Happy Memorial Day

by CES on 05/24/18

Please take a moment this weekend to honor the memory of service members and their families who have sacrificed to protect the freedoms we enjoy. 

Update your outlets!

by CES on 05/24/18

Let’s face the facts, when you think about upgrading you never think about your outlet. Today’s technology is advancing quickly, why shouldn’t your outlets?

Convenience and Function

Not only will new outlets help increase the value of your home and ensure you are meeting new code restrictions, but the function of outlets have been updated. Here are a few examples of new hassle free exciting outlets that Cooper Electric Service can install for your home.



USB Outlets 

Place near your night stand, near counters or home office. (These outlets can reduce unsightly bulky chargers).


Recessed Outlets

Tight quarters or want that plug behind the couch?  This recessed outlet is your answer, prevents cords getting crimped allowing furniture to slide right up to the wall.


Pop-Out Outlets

Want that plug out of sight but can’t get rid of it? This plug will hide when not in use.


WIFI Outlets (also known as IDevices, Smart Outlets)

Offer the ability to monitor and operate outlets (and appliances connected to them) from anywhere. Left the curling iron on?  No problem, check the status, control them from your phone.


GFCI Outlets

Required by the electrical code, this inexpensive plug monitors the electrical current, cutting it off instantaneously when an imbalance is detected.


Tamper-Resistant Outlets (TRR)

Also known as child resistant outlets, features a spring loaded shutter that closes the receptacle slots when not in use. To open you must push both springs simultaneously. 

Contact Cooper Electric Service today to get your outlets updated!

6 Signs that indicate you may need an electrical update

by CES on 04/12/18

Unsure if you should upgrade your electric? 

We have narrowed down our list to 6 signs you 

should be speaking with Cooper Electric Service.



1. Flickering or Dimming Lights

Lights require a small amount of energy opposed to appliances, which require a substantial amount. Contact Cooper Electric Service to inspect your circuits if you are experiencing dimming or flickering lights. You may need to have your lights moved to a new circuit to help fix this issue.

2. Weird Odors: 

Brand new appliances will give an odor when first uses. If you are experiencing this without new appliances turn off your plugs via your panel and unplug anything in that plug. Contact Cooper Electric Service to schedule an appointment right away.

3. Tripping Breakers: 

Fuses and circuit breakers add an extra layer of protection to your home. If you are experiencing a frequent tripping of breakers or fuses being blown your circuit maybe overloaded. Contact Cooper Electric Service to upgrade your wiring.

4. Buzzing: 

Loose prongs and worn wires can cause a low buzzing. Don’t ignore this, try to locate the plug or switch in question then contact Cooper Electric Service to fix.

5. Electrical Shock: 

If you are experiencing an electrical shock each time you plug in an appliance or extension cord this could be from a worn plug. Contact Cooper Electric Service to inspect your plugs, most cases it’s an easy fix and will save you from having to purchase new appliances.

6. Warm Walls: 

If you run your hand down the wall near your switches or plugs and it feels hot to the touch, don’t ignore this. The only exceptions to this rule are dimmer switches. They are naturally warm to the touch by design, but if you touch a dimmer switch and it’s hot to the touch this could be a sign of greater issues. Contact Cooper Electric Service right away to schedule a plug inspection. 


Career Opportunities! Cooper Electric Service Electrician Positions Available!

by CES on 04/06/18


 License required. 5-7 years residential and commercial experience. Ability to travel the Dallas, Ft.Worth and surrounding metroplex. Must have tools. Cooper Electric Service is family owned and operated looking for a team member. Business is booming! Very competitive pay scale! We offer a long-term career with growth opportunities.

Immediate openings! Call today 214-718-9383 ask for Brenda. Full-time after 90 days. Company vehicle provided.

Five immediate openings!

More Information:

 Call Brenda Nichols: (214) 718-9383 [email protected] |

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